Don’t Let Managing A Golfing Estate Be Your Handicap

Tuesday , 15, January 2019 Comments Off on Don’t Let Managing A Golfing Estate Be Your Handicap

You must excuse the similes and metaphors in this note which is really for your benefit. That is to say you and your fellow members are driving yourselves up the walls trying to run the club, the emerging golfing estate, to be precise. Because you know, this is what it could be. You have that land, there may still be acres of room surrounding the greens, and what a money-spinner this could turn out to be. Because, boyo, and as if you didn’t already know, running a golf club is a tough business indeed.

To help get you out of the bunkers, you should really consider going pro. No, not as in Tiger Woods or Arnie Palmer, as in professional golf management services. This is a service orientation made up of a team, a team as fine as any of the great Ryder Cup teams you’ve seen over the years. This golf management course if you will is made up of a team of technicians, agents, management consultants, estate agents, retail experts, just think of all the possibilities, grounds men, horticultural experts and restaurateurs.

Under normal circumstances, this is what it takes to run a successful golfing operation these days. And have you ever wondered why your membership drives have been sinking lower and lower each and every year that passes by. Go get them, Tiger! They could help you out with this. The golf management services company, that is. Yes, no doubt, the service won’t come cheaply. It’s professional. It’s business, but just think about it, they could help you out with your next initiative to increase membership revenues and maybe even get a couple of decent sponsors on board.

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And when the money’s in, you’ll be able to cover your first installment.